Automatic Hydraulic Bollard 273GS-600

The GS automatic 273GS-600 automated hydraulic bollards are part of our top selling range of security bollard, and are installed in numerous locations around the global.

Used in various applications, from private residential areas to commercial premises, the bollards combine stylish integration into the surrounding area, with a high performance hydraulic pump to ensure lasting performance.

PAS68/K12 Crash Hydraulic Bollard CHB600

The PAS68/K12 Crash Hydraulic Bollard CHB600 automatic bollards have been designed to ensure a high level of security for anti terrorist applications.

The result of over 25 years in the specific design and manufacture of automatic bollards, the PAS68/K12 Crash Hydraulic Bollard CHB600 is recommended for use in a variety of sites where hostile vehicle mitigation is required.

PAS68/K12 Crash Hydraulic Bollard CHB800

GS anti-ram Crash bollards combine an open aesthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control. These crash tested bollards provide free movement of pedestrians and are available in a variety of operating configurations. Utilizing the highest cycle duties available, the GS anti ram crash rated security bollards are an economical and effective way of protecting any entry.

Automatic Hydraulic Bollard 273GS-800

273GS-800 is 100% duty rated hydraulic automatic bollard- designed for continuous and frequent use. GS Automated Rising Bollards flagship rising bollard combines exceptional strength with elegance. The bollards pleasing aesthetics enhance the look of the area, a non-stop duty cycle ensures lasting performance, whilst the added safety pressure switch offers additional protection.

Automatic Hydraulic Bollard 220GS-600

Automatic Hydraulic Bollard 220GS-600
Hydraulic pump integrated within bollard for ease of installation and increased relaibilty and intensive use.
Sleek design and pleasing aestehtics. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, including highways approved schemes.
High duty cycle, ensuring lasting performace and intensive use.Optional blackout solenoid allows for safe automatic lowering in case of power failure.